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Arcadia’s ultra-low iron petalite gets the thumbs up

ASX-listed lithium company, Prospect Resources recently announced that its ultra-low iron petalite product from its Arcadia lithium project in Zimbabwe has progressed through the secondary qualification process with one of the world’s largest glass-ceramic manufacturers, based in Europe.

ZimbabweProspect Resources provided the manufacturer with a sample for larger scale laboratory testing and analysis. The outcome from their analysis is that the ultra-low iron petalite surpasses the glass ceramic market’s stringent ultra-low iron and alkali technical specifications.

To pass the final step in the product qualification process, the ultra-low iron petalite product needs a full test in the production kiln. This is expected to be undertaken during the course of this year, once the pilot plant is constructed and larger volume of product is available.

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Set to become a major player

Prospect Resources is also in discussions with an additional industry leading glass ceramic producer based in Europe with a view to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding, where both parties seek to develop a commercial relationship.

The company is currently engaging with glass and ceramics customers across Europe, Asia and Africa who collectively, consume over 130 000 tpa equivalent of ultra-low iron petalite. Prospect Resources ability to consistently produce approximately 100 000tpa of ultra-low iron petalite product, over its 15.5 year life-of-mine, is a key attraction from customers.

Prospect Resources anticipates being one of only two mines in the world capable of producing ultra-low iron petalite and we expect to be the largest player in this natural oligopoly – none of which are based in Australia. Demand for its ultra-low iron petalite is expected to be spread equally between Europe and Asia, with a considerable supply deficit for the foreseeable future.