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A-Cap receives EIS approval for Letlhakane uranium project

Botswana – The approval is in accordance with Section 12 (1A) of the Botswana Environmental Assessment Act of 2011.

This is a major milestone for A-Cap and its flagship uranium project, with the EIS approval being an important requirement in securing a mining licence.

A-Cap has conducted extensive work over the years, commencing in January 2009, in studying and identifying the overall environmental and social impacts associated with developing the first uranium mine in Botswana.

The EIS process and documentation was prepared by independent experts SLR Consulting (Africa) in conjunction with Botswana-based consulting firm Ecosurv.

SLR and Ecosurve completed a professional study process comprising of a screening phase, scoping phase and a detailed impact assessment/environmental management phase, conforming with best practise and IFC guidelines.

The Botswana Department of Environment Affairs confirmed on 16 March 2016 that A-Caps EIS has adequately identified and assessed anticipated impacts associated with the project.

Subsequently a four week public review process commenced pursuant to the Environmental Act 2011. Public comments were received and assessed by the department, with formal approval granted on 13 May 2016.