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Chamber probes into “senseless” murder of Richards Bay Minerals employee

Nzimande was shot outside his home on Tuesday 30 August.

The leadership of the industry conveys deepest condolences to his family and friends said the Chamber of Mines in a statement on Monday.

While the Chamber has no firsthand knowledge of what the motive might have been, it has been reported that there has been on-going conflict over job appointment processes in the KwaZulu-Natal town where Richards Bay Minerals is a significant employer.

A youth leader involved in a jobseekers’ committee, along with a relative of his, was murdered in the town four weeks previously.

“Further, we understand that several other company executives have been threatened and intimidated,” says the Chamber.

The Chamber would naturally wish to see the perpetrators being brought to justice and calls on the SAPS to apply their energies to this end with all diligence.

“We further call on all parties to observe the law and address any concerns they may have through legitimate channels.”

The Chamber stresses that the situation in the town calls for more than this.

“There is a need to develop an understanding of the socio-economic dynamics behind these crimes, if indeed they are related,” says the Chamber.

Circumstances of unemployment and other economic deprivation might tend to lead to conflict over access to scarce resources such as jobs.

All involved need to ensure that recruitment processes are carried out fairly and are seen to be fair. And that the culture of violence and intimidation needs to be curtailed.