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Exxaro said on Tuesday that it is contemplating retrenchments on the back of a proposed restructuring of its group which could see up to 565 employees jobs being shed.

Exxaro said in a statement that a process of consultation with all affected employees and stakeholders was initiated on the 18th of April. [quote]

The company, which currently employs about 7 300, has also informed its respective trade unions that it is contemplating retrenchments as the proposed restructure. If a final decision is taken in future to implement same, could lead to between 192 and 565 retrenchments from corporate office and operations.

The company reported that the aim of its intended restructuring is to improve productivity and efficiency as well as streamline its organisational structures in the corporate and support services environment.

“We are doing everything possible to avoid and limit the impact on our employees and the consultation process will examine all options.

“The future sustainability of the group remains a pressing need in the context of the challenging business environment in which we operate and we must ensure we have a streamlined and competitive business,” Exxaro CEO Mxolisi Mgojo said in a statement.