Jubilee Platinum, the AIM/AltX-listed mine-to-metals company, has fully commissioned its platinum surface processing plant at the Dilokong chrome mine in Limpopo.

The company has thus far  reached 85% of design throughput at the processing plant and aims to reaching full operational output during March.

Jubilee Platinum commenced with the commissioning of the processing plant in late February 2016, in-line with the requirements of the processing agreement entered into between the company’s subsidiary Pollux Investments Holdings, ASA Metals and its associated mining and processing operations Dilokong.

The agreement allows Jubilee Platinum to recover PGE’s contained in an estimated 1.1 Mt of PGE-bearing chrome tailings from ASA’s Dilokong chrome mine tailings dump in the eastern limb of the Bushveld igneous Complex.

The company’s commissioning and ramp-up reached 85% of design throughput with overall processing plant feed rate reaching an extrapolated 21 000 tpm compared to design of 25 000 tpm for the processing plant.

The plant will target processing 30 000 tpm of platinum-containing surface material.  Together, the company’s two platinum surface processing projects target a combined processing of 80 000 tpm of tailings with an estimated production of 42 000 ozpa of PGM in concentrate.

The commissioning and ramp-up of operations suffered minor delays beyond the control of the company due to events relating to ASA Metals but these have now been resolved satisfactorily.

Despite the ASA Metals business rescue process, Jubilee Platinum has been assured at high level that its operations will remain unaffected.

Jubilee therefore confirms that the project continues to have access to surface stock material at Dilokong and business will continue as normal. The availability to the project of such a large unencumbered stock of platinum and chrome containing surface material is an example of the robustness of the project.

Jubilee is also simultaneously advancing the construction of the significantly larger platinum and chrome surface processing project at the Hernic ferrochrome operations in the North West targeting a combined processing capacity of 80 000 tpm of feed material.

Hernic appointed Jubilee as the exclusive party to beneficiate about 1.7 Mt of its PGE-bearing chrome tailings.

Jubilee’s combined platinum surface projects target the processing of an estimated 4.4 Mt of platinum containing surface material, while further current arisings are deposited onto the surface material at an estimated rate of 27 000 tpm.