Lucara Diamond
Lucara Diamond Corp has appointed Aveng Moolmans subsidiary Moolman Mining Botswana as the new mining contractor at its Karowe diamond mine in Botswana. 

Aveng Moolmans has been contracted for a 6-year period to provide the full suite of mining services at the Karowe diamond mine, including all drill, blast, load and haul functions for both ore and waste.

Aveng Moolmans will start mobilisation of equipment to site during January and February 2017 and expects to begin mining activities in early March 2017.

“We are very pleased to have engaged Aveng Moolmans as our new mining partner at the Karowe mine. Their extensive expertise in working in Botswana and other African countries, together with their proven track record and ability to achieve production volumes over the contract period, makes them a valuable partner as we work to maximise the future value of this incredible resource at Karowe,” says Lucara Diamond Corp president and CEO William Lamb.

“The transition to Aveng Moolmans also provides Lucara Diamond Corp with increased mining flexibility and capacity to achieve sustainable production and continued strong operating cash flows. Since December 2016, we have continued to process ore from the south and centre lobe stockpiles and we are in line to achieve our production and operating guidance for 2017.”

Stuart White, operating group MD of Aveng Mining, commented: “We are grateful for the opportunity to join the Lucara Diamond Corp team at the Karowe diamond mine and look forward to adding value to this prestigious diamond mining operation.

“This long-term project allows us to build on our 15-year presence in Botswana. We will strive to make a positive contribution to all our stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate.

“Mobilisation preparations are underway to ensure a timely start of mining activities, and production to plan.”