Lucara Diamond Corp
TSX-listed Lucara Diamond Corp has completed its Mega Diamond Recovery and the sub-middles XRT capital projects within budget and ahead of schedule.

The Lucara Diamond Corp Mega Diamond Recovery (MDR) circuit treats material in the size range between 50 mm and 120 mm and is located directly post the primary crusher and ahead of the process plant.

This design maximises the upfront recovery of exceptional diamonds prior to the comminution processes where diamond damage may occur and revenue lost.

Commissioning of the circuit has been completed and the system has been integrated into the existing process stream.

The sub-middles XRT circuit processes material in the size range between 4 mm and 8 mm.

The sub-middles circuit has replaced the need for a dense medium circuit and five diamond recovery unit processes for treating diamonds within this size fraction.

The commissioning of the circuit has been completed and verification of the diamonds recovered within this size frequency distribution is being confirmed against historical recoveries.

The commissioning of the MDR and sub-middles XRT circuits advances our ability to efficiently recover diamonds and maximise value for its exceptional diamonds,” says Lucara Diamond Corp president and CEO, William Lamb.

“The sub-middles XRT circuit cost effectively processes the variable yield material from the south lobe through the use of a single unit process which reduces feed to the more costly concentration and recovery processing units.

“The completion of these two capital projects concludes our major capital expenditures for upgrading the process facilities, all of which have been funded from internal cash-flows,” he explains.

Feature image credit: Lucara Diamond Corp