Lucara Diamond Corp
Lucara Diamond Corp., the dual-listed Botswana diamond mine, achieved gross revenues of US$51.3 million from its first exceptional stone tender in 2016.

All diamonds sold were recovered from Lucara Diamonds’ Karowe mine in Botswana.

[quote]The special tender of Karowe diamonds was completed on 13 April 2016 and consisted of 10 single stone lots. All 10 diamonds, totaling 1 525 carats, were sold for gross revenues of S $51.3 million or US $33 632/carat).


  • 7 diamonds sold for more than $2 million each, including 4 stones which sold for in excess of $5 million each;
  • Lot 901, the 296.7 carat Type IIa diamond sold for $12.19 million ($41 088/carat);
  • Lot 904, the 245.4 carat diamond sold for $10.49 million ($42 738/carat); and
  • Lot 903, the 119.0 carat diamond sold for the highest price per carat of $58 931/carat.

William Lamb, President and CEO, comments, “The results from this tender continue to demonstrate the strength of the exceptional stone market. We are very pleased with the quality of the diamonds being recovered which is evident in the consistent average value per carat achieved.”