MRA Elites 2021

Nominations for the Mining Elites in Africa 2021 publication, produced by Mining Review Africa are now open. Submit your nominations for the leaders and projects truly making a difference in the African mining sector.

2020 has been a difficult period for the mining industry, but in honour of maintaining the momentum built through Mining Elites in Africa over the past six years, this annual publication will change direction and pay tribute in 2021 to projects and key areas of mining that are making a difference – to their own businesses, the regions in which they operate, all stakeholders and the greater economies.

Leadership Profiles

These are industry influencers who are innovative in their leadership approaches and strategies to improve the greater mining and minerals value chains on a regional level. These leaders are contributing to the progress of mining, or are taking the role of facilitator in advancing the industry through their contributions to legislation in any country in Africa. They are a reflection of responsible corporate citizens and may be the contributing factor to helping a mining operation secure finance. Through their position they are setting benchmarks in their fields.

Nominated leaders can include executives and directors in management positions, mine and general managers, environmental and safety experts, women influencers (in the board room and at the coal face), project design and developers, engineers, technology and innovation drivers, OEM revolutionists, legislation and finance specialists.

The 2021 categories include – making a difference in:

EXPLORATION: This category pays tribute to exploration work, in any mineral resource, that showcases technology breakthroughs,
the conclusion of significant drilling programmes, exceptional sampling results and the unveiling of substantial resources – all of which
demonstrate adherence to deadlines and follow-on from conceptual programme work.

GREENFIELDS PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: This category looks to showcase how a mining company can endure hardships and challenges in building new projects in Africa – especially taking into context remote working conditions, pushing forward through the COVID-19 pandemic, creating employment and sustainable options for communities – all while meeting or exceeding schedules and budgets.

BROWNFIELDS EXPANSION: This category looks at existing mining operations that have proceeded with expansions – aimed at delivering great value for all stakeholders while maintaining momentum in delivering economic returns for both company, stakeholders and region.

STAY-IN-BUSINESS STRATEGIES: This category reviews Africa’s existing operations who have implemented the necessary measures to maintain a healthy business despite operating in challenging environments, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, other disease-related challenges, legislative changes, community unrest, etc.

RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC BREAKTHROUGHS: This category looks to closely examine test units, pilot-scale studies and academic research that has delivered or has the potential to deliver significant operational breakthroughs in processing across any commodity.

ESG (ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL & GOVERNANCE) CONTRIBUTIONS: This category is on-trend with current requirements in mining. It will look at those projects which have secured finance or government buy-in through the delivery of effective ESG strategies across all three areas. These nominations must unpack the ESG strategies in full across all three areas.

BUILDING SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES: This category looks to showcase how mining companies and their supporting network are helping to uplift communities – in terms of job creation, improved living conditions and opportunities to help deliver economically-driven communities who can build their own sustainable livelihoods – for both the mine and beyond it.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: This category looks to highlight how mining companies are overcoming the challenges associated with impacting the environment (and wildlife) negatively. This could highlight remediation work, rehabilitation or compensating for mining activity by investing in environmental improvement initiatives.

HEALTH & SAFETY: This category looks at strategies executed by mining companies and their network of service providers who are delivering improved health and safety to their workforce. A close look at effective COVID-19 strategies will receive high acknowledgement – in light of and in context of Africa’s increased challenges around HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, etc.

POWER DESIGN AND DELIVERY: This category looks at power projects, in design, or execution, that promise to deliver greener and more sustainable power solutions. Projects that have incorporated ‘out of the box’ thinking to compensate for limited or no power from local grids will be recognised. We will also look at innovative generation or storage solutions and efficiency improvements.

DIGITALISATION AND AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES: This category showcases how digital technologies can improve the economics, viability, production and/or safety of a mining operation – either in development or already in execution. Those that have assisted or contributed to removing cyber-attack risks, etc. are also highly relevant and worth noting.

Nomination Deadline: 2 October 2020

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