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Mining Indaba to conserve and offset water consumption in Cape Town

The organisers of the Mining Indaba are aware of the critical need to conserve water in Cape Town and that the water shortage has reached crisis point.

“We have been closely following the development of the water crisis and have engaged with local government structures extensively on the issue,” comments Alex Grose, Mining Indaba MD.

“After much consideration, it was agreed to keep the event in Cape Town as it attracts significant investment to the local economy – conservatively estimated at around R700 million over the past 10 ten years,”

Tim Harris, the CEO of Wesgro – the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape – last week shared the following to future visitors to the city: “Come and enjoy, but be mindful of our drought. We’re open for business and working to use less water to keep the taps running.”

Mining Indaba’s economic contribution is just one consideration.

“For the event, water conservation and reduction methods have taken a priority.

“Reducing consumption is vital, but we also want to offset our water consumption during our stay in the city, and to give our delegates the opportunity to do the same,” Grose adds.

Mining Indaba has put in place the following initiatives to help save and offset the water used at the event:

  • First and foremost, we are urging all delegates to follow water usage guidelines during their time in Cape Town. Both the CTICC and Mining Indaba will be distributing material to educate delegates – foreign and local – on how to further reduce their consumption.
  • We have partnered with Gift of the Givers, who through donations of money and bottled water will distribute water to people most in need in the region. The NGO will be onsite to educate delegates about water saving initiatives.

Gift of the Givers is the largest disaster response NGO of African origin and we believe they have the correct infrastructure in place to supply water to areas that need it the most. They provide water support in the form of boreholes, irrigation systems, taps, water tanks and bottled water.

  • Mining Indaba has secured Kal Tire as a water sponsor for the event. Three quarters of the water being supplied is sourced from a private company with a natural spring outside of Cape Town. The water does not come from the water grid that feeds into Cape Town and has no negative impact on the water supply in Cape Town.

The other quarter of water being supplied is water that is deemed ‘undrinkable’ and therefore will never flow as tap water in Cape Town. This water is being purchased from the city and is being purified and treated to become drinkable. This has an additional benefit in that it provides income to the city of Cape Town.

  • Tea and coffee servings will be limited.
  • Over the last few years the CTICC implemented several water savings measures in order to reduce the centre’s water consumption. By the 2015/16 financial year, the centre had already been using 10 million litres less water than it did five years earlier. The CTICC also installed storage tanks to capture rain water and increased the grey water storage capacity.
  • Other venues Mining Indaba works with, like hotels, are putting in place measures to ensure minimum water wastage.

Feature image credit: www.pexels.com