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New shaft sinking, equipment and services supply group launched

SASSES is geared at assisting local manufacturers supplying into the shaft sinking, equipment and services industry to further the development of the supply chain for greater market access both locally and internationally.

CEO of SACEEC, Eric Bruggeman, highlighted the importance of creating supply groups and clusters to further the interests of South African suppliers at Electra Mining Africa 2016.

“Each cluster faces their own specific set of challenges and the members of supply groups and clusters are best positioned to identify areas that need to be addressed.”

“Nothing will start unless it is from the bottom up and SACEEC remains committed to supporting clusters and supply groups in any way that we can,” says Bruggeman.

sassesElena Diez del Corral of Expectra and Ted Cruickshank of WEBA SA will champion the supply group.

Speaking at the official launch, Cruickshank highlighted the main objective of the newly established SASSES to include providing industry with a one-stop-shop solution for local procurement in the shaft sinking, equipment and services sector.

“The key concept is for SASSES to become a turn-key solution for industry, so that we create an environment where customers don’t have to look around,” says Cruickshank.

Diez del Corral of Expectra mirrored these sentiments stating that the supply group aims to create a one-stop-shop experience for customers.

She adds that SASSES will focus on supporting South African companies who manufacture locally and therefore play a critical role in supporting the South African economy and positioning the supply group for local and international greenfield projects.

SASSES will offer members the opportunity to participate in value chain optimisation, the identification of opportunities, driving research and development projects and innovation within the industry.

sasThe group will champion local suppliers by advocating for localisation through policy and implementation, building on export potential and will provide a network for key stakeholders within the industry.

The SACEEC, together with their partners and affiliates, have been working closely with the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), the Department of Mineral Resources and the Chamber of Mines to establish a local supplier directory to assist with creating critical linkages between South African manufacturers and customers in both the local and international markets.