Contract negotiation
The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in the Northern Cape working together with Solidarity has signed a 3-year wage agreement with Assmang.

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and Solidarity collaboration at Assmang’s Beeshoek, Blackrock, and Khumani operations is for 8% on the lowest earnings in the first year, 8% the second year and 7% in the third year.

The lowest paid employee currently paid R15 284.88 on a total package which will see 8% increase in the first year earning R16 507.67.

Exgratia allowance

NUM has also secured once-off R10 000 cash tax-free to  members.

Underground allowance

Assmang will also pay R600 for the first year R650 for the second year and R700 for the third year.

These achievements were not in existence but have been pushed for  members working underground.

Maternity leave

Women in Assmang also scored when NUM and Solidarity secured 85% in the first year, 87% second year and 90% in the third year with the company contributing to employees who will be taking their maternity in this period.

This demonstrates that NUM cares not only for male workers but women workers as well.

Family responsibilities leave

Parties agreed to move family responsibility to five days per year effective from the signing of this agreement.

Medical related travel assistance to specialist

Assmang has agreed further to pay AA rate to all employees irrespective of distance to any members who will be consulting specialist for any medical special need.

Mining Charter/ Esops

Parties are still consulting to find last in solution on this matter since payment was done to all employees in 2016.

It is the view of NUM that the mining industry has the responsibility to transform mining and to ensure that workers lives are improved.

Feature image credit: Wikimedia Commons