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NUM Youth Structure to march against mining retrenchments, job losses

The march by the NUM Youth Structure (NUM YS) will take place on 09h00 on Friday 17 June from Lynnville Stadium in Emalahleni to the Department of Labour.

The view of the NUM YS is that retrenchments, which directly contribute to youth unemployment, “are purported by rapacious capitalism, in their nature capitalists are greedy and brutal, and their love for profit puts them in permanent paradox with the most advanced class the working class”.

They further believe that mining companies retrench at random and in the process of retrenching, the working class become the main causalities and victims.

“Young people in particular in their majority are breadwinners and when a breadwinner is retrenched the entire family will be affected,” the NUM YF said in a statement on Thursday.

It is upon this background that the NUM YF in the Highveld Region has taken a radical and militant decision to march.

According to Statistician-General Pali Lehohla, the unemployment rate in South Africa has increased to 26.7 % in the three months to March 2016, from 24.5 % in the first quarter. This was above the expected 25.3% and was the highest unemployment rating since September 2005.

The NUM YF believe that the above-mentioned narration is a clear repercussion of retrenchment, which lead to job losses.

The NUM YF maintain that capitalism uses retrenchments to maximise profits when their pockets are becoming dry the first thing that comes into their minds is to retrench.

It is on that basis that NUM YF believe young workers cannot be the victims of capitalism.

Retrenchments in the mining sector impact negatively in the current downturn and the NUM YF are of the opinion that they must emulate the fighting spirit of Students in 1976 and “fight the mining bosses”.

“We have seen that mining companies like Glencore and others put profit first and they do not care about our members. We have also witnessed the closure of mines that led to retrenchments on the basis of profit maximisation,” says Thando Sambo, NUM YF Highveld acting secretary.

The NUM YF have called upon the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) led by the ANC Youth League, the Young Communist League of South Africa and the South African Students Congress to mobilise its structures and members and be part of this historic march against retrenchment and job losses that lead to youth unemployment.

The NUM YS believes that when components of the PYA are united nothing is insurmountable together with our PYA structures we have the capacity to weaken capitalist structures and defend job security for its members and young workers in particular.

Chantelle Kotze
Chantelle Kotze is a Johannesburg-based media professional. She is a contributor at Mining Review Africa (Clarion Events - Africa) and has created content for the media brand over the past 6 years.


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