Dual-listed Platinum Group Metals has announced that Waterberg JV Resources has partnered with the Capricorn District Municipality to develop a water supply management plan to increase the water supply and infrastructure capacity for both local community and Waterberg mine usage. 

This public-private partnership will benefit both the mine and the communities around the mining area.

Capricorn District Municipality has identified ground water resources proximal to the newly discovered Waterberg bulk mineable palladium-platinum-gold and rhodium project.

At the pre-feasibility stage independent specialists identified potential water resources for both the mine and local communities.

The joint responsible management of the water resources is the objective of the agreement.

An earlier, well executed work and drilling program conducted by the Capricorn District Municipality identified both potable and high mineral unpotable water resources in the district.

Work by Waterberg JV Co. has also identified some potable water resources.

The unpotable water is now targeted for industrial use and potable water could then be prioritized for communities.

Working together the parties can ensure the best value and use of the district water resources, including for communities, businesses and the Waterberg Mine.

Waterberg JV Co. has the requisite skills, expertise and resources to provide water supply solutions in the Capricorn District Municipality and to implement an agreed water management plan.

  1. Michael Jones CEO of Platinum Group Metals says, “We see this as an important step in the development of a large-scale palladium mine in Capricorn District Municipality to the benefit of all stakeholders including shareholders, communities and all levels of government.”

Executive Mayor John Mosima Mpe of Capricorn Municipality says, “We are very pleased to see the potential for responsible, efficient and effective management of water in the region to the benefit of all of our people.

“We are focused on the economic benefits of job creation and water delivery in our area while being mindful of being good caretakers of all the resources in the region for all stakeholders. We look forward to working co-operatively with Waterberg JV Co.”

The Waterberg project is a large-scale mine development in the North Limb of South Africa that will use modern, safe and fully mechanized mining.

The thickness of the ore-body allows for a change from conventional narrow reef mines in South Africa.

Waterberg is also different than other mines in South Africa as it is dominated by palladium.

The pre-feasibility study envisaged a 19-year mine life.

The partners in Waterberg JV Co. are Platinum Group Metals, Impala Platinum, Mnombo Wethu Consultants and Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC, a Japanese Incorporated Administrative Agency.

Japanese trading house Hanwa is in process of buying an interest in the project from JOGMEC as well.

A definitive feasibility study is in progress on the large-scale reserves and engineering for infrastructure, including water is part of that study, expected to be completed in the first part of 2019.