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Support for digitization of mining secured

Schauenburg Systems, a leading supplier of electronic safety equipment to the South African mining industry, has concluded an agreement with the University of Johannesburg to support postgraduate research for the advancement of innovation for the digitization of mining in South Africa.

This grant of R1 million will fund postgraduate students for a period of three years to drive digitization and the possible application of Industry 4.0 in mining by major mining companies in South Africa, most notably Sibanye and Anglo-American.

Schauenburg Systems has a proud 45-year history of providing innovative products to improve mine safety and follows a strategy of “Open Innovation” to support local R&D and academic institutions to improve innovation and advance local product development to meet global standards.

Digitization and productivity improvement have been highlighted as critical focus areas for the future survival of mining in South Africa and digitization will be one of the key drivers to strive for “zero harm” in mining.

In addition to the postgraduate grant, the Schauenburg Education Trust also provides a number of bursaries to undergraduate students studying electronic and computer engineering at the University of Johannesburg.

“Schauenburg is proud to be associated with the University of Johannesburg and the project leading professors namely, Prof. Saurabh Sinha and Prof. Yanxia Sun, Head of Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science, Auckland Park Kingsway Campus, who have been instrumental in guiding and concluding this agreement,”  says Schauenburg Systems MD, Lewis Mathieson.

“According to the recent Times Higher Education ranking results, the University of Johannesburg takes a leading position in the subject area of ‘Engineering and Technology.’

“The collaboration with Schauenburg Systems has a potential of developing implementation capacity, for both graduates and engineering technologies, which is a future necessity – we are therefore pleased,” states Prof Saurabh Sinha, newly appointed deputy vice-chancellor: research and internationalisation.

Schauenburg International – Africa Group, CEO, Dr Dieter Kovar stresses the importance of collaboration of private companies and research institutions in South Africa to advance the topics of digitization and mechanization of mining, “By doing so we are fulfilling our company mission to make mines safer and more productive in Africa.”

Schauenburg Systems sees this collaborative effort as the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship that will not only benefit mining but also address the pressing need to support tertiary technical education in the country.

Feature image credit: Schauenburg Systems