Morocco has three operating ports, with excess export capacity, all within 150 km of the Khemisset site

Emmerson Plc, the Moroccan focused potash development company, it has commenced the full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study for its Khemisset potash project in Northern Morocco.

Khemisset is a potentially world class potash development, with industry leading, low, capital cost to production and, as a result of its location, among the highest margins in the potash industry. This results in compelling economics including average life of mine EBITDA of over US$230 million per annum and a post-tax NPV10 of US$1.1 4billion.

The ESIA is a key component of all future permitting work streams, as outlined in the Emmerson’s permitting roadmap. The ESIA will be completed in partnership with Moroccan headquartered firm Phénixa S.A.R.L. (Phénixa).  Phénixa have been integral in all environmental and social studies carried out at Khemisset to date.

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The ESIA will include multiple studies on the existing area, and the final report will conclude any forecast impacts from the project, and proposed mitigation measures, on:

  • Existing land uses and social settings
  • Flora and fauna
  • Air quality and noise
  • Climate, topography & elevation
  • Surface water and ground water
  • Archaeology, anthropology, and cultural heritage sites

Hayden Locke, CEO of Emmerson, comments:

“The commencement of the full ESIA is a vital step in our preparation for submitting applications for permits.  Once we have a report detailing all environmental and social impact risks, alongside our forthcoming Feasibility Study, we will have all information required to commence discussions in earnest with Moroccan authorities.

“The ESIA is also a vital component of discussions with financiers, many of whom have already expressed approval for our commitment to complying with international best practice.

“We continue to use local consultants with extensive in-country experience, who have been involved in some of the largest projects in Morocco.  Phénixa, in particular, has been fantastic in the work it has completed at Khemisset until now, and we are delighted to have them involved on an ongoing basis.

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 “Alongside the ESIA, our feasibility study continues to progress well and is currently ahead of schedule. We look forward to continuing to keep the market updated with various parts of the study as we progress towards its final release during the first half of 2020.”