Kore Potash
Kore Potash

Potash developer Kore Potash has been granted its environmental and social impact assessment for its Dougou mining licence within its flagship 97%-owned Sintoukola potash project.

Republic of Congo – The environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) was approved by the Minister of Tourism and Environment on 13 July 2018 and is a prerequisite to commence construction of a mining project in the Republic of Congo.

The ESIA is valid for one year and renewable annually until construction of a mine on the licence begins.

The ESIA approval covers the potential mining and processing of the Dougou carnallite deposit, and application may be made in future to include mining and processing of the Dougou Extension sylvinite deposit with the approval of the regulator.

Kore Potash’s mining licences in the Republic of Congo have the potential produce potash for the global market at very low cost for generations, and it is pleasing to have achieved another important milestone with ESIA approval for the Dougou mining licence,” says Brad Sampson CEO of Kore Potash.

“The company’s key strategic ambition is to bring the flagship Kola project into production, and it is important to keep the potential scale of the potash basin in mind.

“Following completion of the definitive feasibility study for the Kola project, the company intends further assess the strategic options to unlock the value of the Dougou deposits,” Sampson adds.

Dougou mining licence at a glance

The Dougou mining licence is adjacent to Kore Potash’s flagship Kola mining licence and Sintoukola 2 exploration license.

Together the two mining licenses and the exploration license comprise the Sintoukola potash project, which cover 955 km2 of this emerging globally important potash basin.

Within the Dougou mining licence are two potash deposits, the Dougou carnallite deposit, and the Dougou Extension sylvinite deposit.

A mining permit for the Dougou licence was granted on 9 May 2017.