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Mining Review Africa Issue 7 2018

Sibanye-Stillwater A heavy load to bear Wow – the last few weeks have been crazy – for Sibanye-Stillwater. The world has gone into a complete frenzy over the number of fatalities that have occurred...

Cullinan Diamond Mine collaborates for safer blasting

Cullinan diamond mine improve safety, efficiency and productivity while reducing mining costs through implementing a centralised blasting system.

85 years of excellence from Winches & Winders

Winches & Winders has manufactured the Fultons range of winders for the southern African mining industry for over 85 years.

Communication technology critical for mining underground

Parallel Wireless believes LTE technology should be considered a front runner in addressing safety, efficiency and productivity in underground mining.

BBE: Keeping it cool in Africa

As mining operations reach the end of their opencast reserves and transition to underground mining, ventilation and cooling are essential.

Elgin Flameproofing’s hot flameproof underground tractor

Elgin Flameproofing's new underground, flameproof tractor is manufactured locally to suit conditions prevalent in southern African coal mines.
African Mining and Crushing

African Mining and Crushing: contract crushing expert

African Mining and Crushing has established itself as an expert and strives to deliver the lowest sustainable cost per ton crushing solutions.
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Cost assurance techniques for projects guaranteed to increase confidence in capital expenditure

Embedding a discipline within the project organisation to look at how well all the categories of costs and expenditure are being managed is a given. In our experience, for the owner or operator with...

Xcalibur: unlocking wealth in West Africa

Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics has been awarded a World Bank sponsored magnetic and radiometric mapping project for the government of Burkina Faso.

Werner Baller: A bulk materials handling visionary

Werner Baller, founder and recently retired CEO of Weba Chute Systems & Solutions, played a pivotal role in revolutionising the bulk materials handling sector more than 30 years ago.

South Africa: Investing in junior mining is a game of patience

A new day is dawning for commodities but investment opportunities for junior miners is still dependent on creating a more enabling environment.