2019 – Issue 5

Modular and moveable processing unlocks alluvial potential

The Northern Cape remains largely untapped because the remaining alluvial diamond deposits are considered marginal or uneconomical.

Pump and Abrasion Technologies: the next frontier in slurry pumping

Pump and Abrasion Technologies is a manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty slurry pumping solutions to the mining and minerals processing industries.
Minerals Council

South Africa must take some bold steps in mining policy

Neighbours of South Africa have thrown aside resource nationalism - why has the South African government not able to accept the good-practice lessons?

GoldStone Resources: Reawakening a gold giant in Ghana

As Africa’s second largest gold producer Ghana is well on its way to reclaiming the top spot as Africa’s largest gold producer.
south africa

The rise of the junior in South Africa

Without delving into specifics, I hope the election result will be the best result for South Africa – which so desperately needs...

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