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2019 – Issue 7

Mining Review Africa Issue 7 2019

It’s all about miners from Down Under and a focus on security in the July 2019 issue of Mining Review Africa. Read all about the hottest projects on the continent operated by Australian mining companies, including an exclusive feature on Lucapa’s Mothae diamond mine in Lesotho. Plus, we focus on security issues in mining – traditional and new – and how the industry can deal with cyber attacks.
illegal mining

Dealing with the South African surge in illegal mining

At surface and underground mines, abandoned as well as operating mines, illegal mining is a very serious challenge in South Africa.
coal wifi

The benefits of underground Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has improved productivity and working conditions for hundreds of miners at Anglo American’s coal mining operations in South Africa.

What lurks inside: cyber threats cannot be ignored

As the mining industry moves towards IoT and automation to boost productivity and efficiency, it has inadvertently opened itself up to cyber attacks.

Security technology for digital revolution era

While offering opportunities to boost productivity the mining industry's move towards technology is helping them gain competitive advantage.

How to achieve better extraction and safer mining methods

Having led gold production for over a century, South Africa lost its title as Africa’s leading gold producer to Ghana in June due to its shrinking output.
Load shedding

How to avoid safety risks in aging infrastructure

The mining sector has entered an era where safety practises and production efficiencies and optimisation initiatives are driving business decisions.
Mozambique graphite

Modular plan to maximize potential at graphite project

ASX–listed graphite developer Battery Minerals believes that its Montepuez graphite project in Mozambique can significantly contribute to clean energy.

Pensana Metals’ Longonjo Project: A strategic future NdPr supplier

Pensana Metals is taking a distinctly different approach to the development of its 84%-owned Longonjo NdPr Project in Angola.
orion minerals

Theta Gold Mines: Reawakening a gold giant

Theta Gold Mines to redevelop more than 620 km2 of tenements within the Transvaal Gold System in South Africa that still contains gold-bearing ore.
Lucapa Diamond Company

EXCLUSIVE: The magic of Mothae

Nestled in a valley close to the top of Lesotho’s diamond-rich Maluti mountains lies Lucapa Diamond Company’s new Mothae mine.