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2020 – Issue 1

Mining Review Africa Issue 1 2020

New decade New opportunities? By the time you read this the first month of 2020 will have come and gone. Nonetheless, let me take this one opportunity to wish Mining Review Africa’s faithful readers...
copper cobalt mkango

Precipitation reagent compensates for low cobalt prices

The demand for electric vehicles has been slower than expected – and the consequent result has seen a fairly steep drop in battery minerals like cobalt.

Worley: Leading digital transformation in mining

Digital transformation is now centre stage in the mining sector – an industry which has been slow on the uptake until now.
Trysome technology

Local business optimisation fosters global technology partnerships

Optimisation of business operations in the bulk material transportation industry is being revolutionised by innovative volumetric scanning technology.
BME AXXIS™ system

Redefined business strategy sets BME on strong trajectory

BME’s five-year reorganisation, restructuring and recapitalisation strategy has focused on creating a diverse, fit-for-purpose and scalable company.
GECI International

OT cyber security – it’s all about the money

Mining companies need money to protect themselves from cyber crime. In order to get funding new cyber risks need to be understood by at board level.

Brelko Conveyor Products set the standard at Sukari gold mine

As part of Brelko’s ongoing support its service technicians visit Sukari during planned shutdowns for maintenance and the installation of new products.

Investment: you better be real and get ready

Appointing advisors is something many companies do with some trepidation. Keeping a tight rein on expenses is business as usual for juniors.
digital india technology

Do you have your technology ticket for Industry 4.0 ?

With each mine site being unique, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This means hybrid technology is often required to connect various locations.

Millennials hold purse strings but investment options limited

Millennials are the most technologically advanced generation of the current workforce. They have the competencies to lead mining into Industry 4.0.

A paradigm shift is needed for community development

A sea change in the way that both government and mining companies approach development initiatives is required for communities.