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2020 – Issue 3

Mining Review Africa Issue 3 2020

Our March edition focuses on – dare I say it? – coal. The commodity which has suddenly become a dirty word and, according to investors, should not be mentioned in polite conversation. Some of our readers may question our decision to dedicate an entire feature to a seemingly dying commodity, one that is frowned upon by so many.
Jubilee Metals

Jubilee Metals: Delivering wealth and sustainability

“The amount of surface/waste material available for reprocessing – globally – presents a massive opportunity for Jubilee." - Gareth Owen

Schauenburg commits to South African manufacturing

Schauenburg's facility was created in order to meet the requirements of the Mining Charter to increase local content of products.
Namibia Critical Metals

Namibia Critical Metals: Japanese breakthrough for Lofdal

Lofdal is one of only two known significant heavy rare earth deposits with simple mineralogy, grade and tonnage potential outside of China.
covid-19 south africa

A sad state of affairs as juniors struggle to raise capital

It is Denham Capital’s strategy to partner with local management teams with proven track records and superior technical experience.

State autopsy service plays an integral role in compensation

The autopsy service performed by the NIOH Pathology Division is a statutory requirement for deceased miners, in line with the ODMWA.
Caledonia Mining Corporation Zimbabwe

Tharisa: Developing a future in Zimbabwe

Tharisa has acquired low-risk entry options in two projects – Salene Chrome and Karo Platinum –located the within the mineral-rich Great Dyke in Zimbabwe.
booyco pds

Zero-harm drive: People at center of effective PDS

While technology is an indispensable safety tool, the task of achieving Zero Harm is really about people says Booyco Electronics.
coal Pump and Abrasion Technologies

Long-term partnerships key to success in the coal sector

Current market conditions in the coal sector dissuades some companies from keeping an active presence but this is not the case for PABT.
Colliery Training College 4ir

Teaching 4IR skills in the coal industry workplace

There has been much talk about teaching 4IR skills to mining students at a tertiary level. But what is industry doing to teach and upskill employees?
Kwatani coal

Knowledge is power – the proof is in the pudding

Kwatani has positioned itself as an expert and recently assisted one of South Africa’s largest coal producers increase its screening throughput.