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2021 – Issue 2

Proximity detection systems: It’s now about Zero Harm

“We have identified technologies that identify people both on surface or underground making use of magnetic fields."

Tech-driven training creates safer mines

The challenges for any mining operation are countless and research shows that the vast majority of incidents can be linked back to human error.

Is now the time to invest in uranium?

“Africa is reliant on carbon based energy but there are a range of uranium projects dotted all over Africa."

Vibramech’s continuous investment in R&D delivers results

Vibramech’s R&D mechanical engineers focus their competencies on a wide range of structural improvements and innovative design changes.

Shunning coal is not a realistic short-term goal

The objective to eradicate coal completely is not a realistic short-term goal, particularly for developing countries.

Coal remains South Africa’s lowest cost, baseload source of energy

"Baseload coal-generated power remains the only effective means for the country to keep the lights on." - Vuslat Bayoğlu.

Karoo deep drilling: Geo-environmental baseline research project

The CGS is developing a geo-environmental baseline model which will influence requirements for shale gas exploration.

Contango’s Lubu: A new coal player for Hwange

"Upon review it was determined that Lubu is a project we can bring into production without the need for years of geological work."

New generation hydrocyclone raises the bar even higher

“Built on the success of our first hydrocycloneS we can offer customers increases in their operational and circuit capacity of up to 30%."

Angola’s diamond sector on a strong footing

"There has been a substantial shift in policy under the new leadership and this has really improved the country’s diamond sector."