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2021 – Issue 3

Is Ivanhoe’s Western Foreland DRC’s next major copper discovery?

Ivanhoe has spent the past two years securing the various exploration licenses that now make up the Western Foreland exploration project.

AVZ Minerals: Moving forward to development of its DRC lithium project

Despite slow EV manufacture and sale during the pandemic, there was a remarkable resurgence in EV sales in the last quarter of 2020.

Iron ore prices expected to remain strong amid tight supply

Iron ore was a outperformer in 2020, owing to the increase in demand driven by China’s infrastructure stimulus and supply constraints.

Water security: Are South African companies playing their part?

Mining has always been dependent on water and there is an ever-increasing demand for mining companies to contribute towards water security.

Alphamin Resources’ tin journey: “We’ve only just begun”

Bisie is responsible for 4% of the world’s mined tin. It remains on track to deliver against its production and cost metrics.

Artisanal cobalt mining in the DRC: steps already in play

All eyes are on the DRC. It already accounts for 63% of global cobalt production and the potential to increase this number is significant.

Axis House: Reagent expert celebrates 20 years

Axis House has developed a footprint throughout Australia and Africa with a focus on southern and central Africa.