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AECI Mining Explosives sets a new benchmark for bulk explosives

The product is differentiated by the fact that most other products in the market cater for either reactive ground or hot holes, but not both.

Vertical drop system a game-changer for emulsion explosives

On February 5, 2020, the first emulsion was dropped to the 680 mining level, followed by a drop to the 980 level the following day.
women in mining

Meagan van den Berg appointed to AECI Mining’s executive committee

The first female mining engineer to be appointed to the AECI Mining Group Executive Committee is Meagan van den Berg.

AEL Mining Services blasts off with rebranding

AEL Mining Services, has rebranded to AEL Intelligent Blasting. This is in line with the its renewed vision of embracing the technological revolution.

AEL’s breakthrough technology bridges detonator divide

AEL Mining Services prides itself on pushing the frontiers of explosive technology and has subsequently ensured its resilience into the next decade.

Blasting optimisation can save millions of rands for coal mines

Coal mines, which are under pressure due to weak prices and rising operating costs, can save millions by making improvements of just one second or 1% to operational efficiency through blasting optimisation. This is according...

Steady supply of mining explosives provides security for industry

With declining commodity prices, mines cannot afford any interruptions to production over a lack of supply says Denvor Govender, Global Supply Chain Manager at AEL Mining Services, adding that a secure and steady supply of...