About AEL Mining Services

AEL Mining Services is a company based in Johannesburg. The company's principal activity is the manufacture of explosives. It serves the mining...
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Automatic energy optimisation saves millions

With the upgrade, AEL Intelligent Blasting aimed to improve efficiency and reliability by introducing AC drive motor control.
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How business is helping citizens in South Africa

South Africa has been applauded by the WHO for managing to control the spread of the coronavirus far more successfully than developed countries to date.
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AECI develops Covid-19-killing range of special purpose cleaners

The AECI liquid hand sanitiser is being used by the company’s 5 065 employees in South Africa, in the home and in the workplace.
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AECI’s acquisition of Brazilian explosives business finalised

The acquisition, from Brazil’s Dinacon, includes 100% ownership of a bulk emulsion and packaged explosives manufacturing plant.

Good Chemistry at Mining Indaba

Under the umbrella of the new AECI Mining pillar, AECI Mining Explosives and AECI Mining Chemicals will solutions that focus on current business challenges.

AEL Intelligent Blasting takes the world by storm, sustainably

AEL Intelligent Blasting discusses its strong presence in Africa, its expanding global footprint and commitment to delivering sustainable solutions.

AEL expands South American operations

AEL Mining Services is growing its already established base in South America by going direct to customers, and no longer via distributors, with explosive...

Blasting optimisation can save millions of rands for coal mines

Coal mines, which are under pressure due to weak prices and rising operating costs, can save millions by making improvements of just one second...

Steady supply of mining explosives provides security for industry

With declining commodity prices, mines cannot afford any interruptions to production over a lack of supply says Denvor Govender, Global Supply Chain Manager at AEL...

Stolen explosives put illegal miners at risk

The theft of explosives presents a great danger to illegal miners and steps need to be taken to ensure the prevention of such products...

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