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About AEL Mining Services

AEL Mining Services is a company based in Johannesburg. The company's principal activity is the manufacture of explosives. It serves the mining and construction industries throughout Africa. AEL was established in 1896 and has...

AECI Mining Explosives plays its part in the fight against illicit explosives

“AECI’s involvement in this initiative goes strengthens our training regime, which is really important in fulfilling our mandate,” he says.

AECI Mining Electronic Initiation System – Support without borders

The need for innovative support tools has never been more necessary than in these challenging times caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic.

AECI Mining Explosives develops alternative booster technology

AECI Mining Explosives has developed a ground-breaking alternative booster technology manufactured from non-explosive raw materials.

AECI Mining Explosives sets a new benchmark for bulk explosives

The product is differentiated by the fact that most other products in the market cater for either reactive ground or hot holes, but not both.

Vertical drop system a game-changer for emulsion explosives

On February 5, 2020, the first emulsion was dropped to the 680 mining level, followed by a drop to the 980 level the following day.

AECI Mining Explosives: Harnessing a high-tech revolution

“Our latest electronics offering gives the customer the ability to locate detonators very accurately by means of GPS positioning."
aeci k9

AECI Mining Explosives and the fight against illicit explosives

“Vapor Wake K9 teams play a role in comprehensive preventative security measures, by supporting strategic explosive detection activities."
women in mining

Sarah Leshabane – Leading the women’s revolution in the mining sector

“Embrace your weaknesses and identify what you are good at and make it count. Conquer your fears and move right on." - Sarah Leshabane
women in mining

Beyond mining boundaries – AECI Mining’s Linda Kretschmer aims higher

The male dominance and masculinity cultures in the mining industry have had consequential effects of women facing the realities of participatory barriers.
women in mining

Meagan van den Berg appointed to AECI Mining’s executive committee

The first female mining engineer to be appointed to the AECI Mining Group Executive Committee is Meagan van den Berg.