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Minelab Nigeria Mining Week Digital Event

Minelab’s commitment to artisanal gold mining communities

"We understand that there could be as many as 20-million artisanal gold miners in Nigeria and that is incredibly exciting," says Minelab MEA GM, Mark Wellington.
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Hope springs from sacrifice in West Africa’s gold mines

Several artisanal miners have lost their lives in the small gold-mining site of Tiemba, southern Mali, where several women and men alike mine gold in the hope that one day, the sacrifices they have made will result in striking gold and making a few hundred euros to turn their lives around.

Understanding the needs of artisanal gold mining communities

Minelab is recognised as a leading developer and manufacturer of metal detectors for artisanal gold mining looking to establish itself in Nigeria.
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Untapped business links could boost economy in Kenya

The KNNCI sees the importance of the mining sector in Kenya providing much needed impetus to improve other sectors of the economy at the same time.