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Fighting COVID-19 with facts and figures

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak ASPASA has launched an active communication campaign designed to convey news and finding about the disease.
ASPASA safety

Traffic management planning requirements for mining

Best practices in health and safety are not competitive advantages and should be shared cross the mining industry wherever it can lead to improvements.
illegal mining

Illegal mining threatens formalised industry activities

Rampant illegal mining poses a considerable threat to the formal mining industry in terms of sustainability as well as posing innumerable risk to the wellbeing of surrounding communities, according to Aspasa director Nico Pienaar.
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2020 a tough period for surface miners

With the failing of the South Africa's SOEs the surface mining industry should take heart that the industry still holds many opportunities.

Small-scale surface miners faced with housing challenges

ASPASA has called for further engagement with the DMRE following the release of its draft review of living and housing conditions.
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Borrow pits will kill the quarrying industry says ASPASA

ASPASA is lobbying government to urgently crack down on ill-conceived borrow pits that are jeopardising legitimate quarries.

10 safety initiatives to implement immediately

Surface mining association, Aspasa, believes that more needs to be done by all stakeholders within the industry if industry-wide “Zero Harm” targets are to be met by 2020.

South Africa’s small quarries overregulated and unsustainable

Small quarrying operations throughout the country are carrying the back-breaking burden of supplying South Africa’s entire building and construction industry with up to 70%of...

Crushing rocks right

Optimisation of crushing rocks and processes in quarries is a surefire way of boosting production with benefits that extend from extraction of materials to...

Indicators are bullish on SA aggregate demand

South Africa - Construction industry trends are showing signs of recovery which will have a positive impact on aggregate demand. Expected government infrastructure expenditure is...

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