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Aton: 1.33 g/t gold over an interval of 127m at new channel sampling

Rodruin lives up to our expectations and these new channel sampling results vindicate our commitment to the second phase drilling programme.

Poll: Aton’s intentions for industry – good or bad?

Aton GmBH’s move to acquire Murray & Roberts shares has been delayed. Do you think this is delaying the formation of a global monopoly for shaft sinking?
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Aton’s takeover move for Murray & Roberts delayed – but why?

Aton GmBH’s move to acquire Murray & Roberts shares will not happen as it has intended. Perhaps because of concerns that one company will have too much control in the shaft sinking sector?
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Murray & Roberts drops Aveng acquisition – for now

Murray & Roberts has effectively withdrawn its proposal to acquire Aveng on the back of recent developments which makes the deal unlikely.
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Aveng and Murray & Roberts rally despite ATON’s intentions

Aveng and Murray & Roberts have reached, in principle, an agreement regarding the proposed terms of a potential combination of Aveng and Murray & Roberts.
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ATON signals its intentions for Murray & Roberts

ATON, through its wholly-owned subsidiary ATON Austria Holding, will be acquiring all or a portion of the remaining issued ordinary shares of Murray & Roberts at a purchase price of R15.00 per share.
Murray & Roberts

Murray & Roberts not impressed with ATON offer

Following ATON communicating to Murray & Roberts its intention to make a firm offer to purchase it - an independent review board has examined the proposal. Murray & Roberts states the offer is opportunistic and...
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ATON to acquire remainder of Murray & Roberts’ shares

Murray & Roberts has received correspondence from ATON regarding ATON’s intention to make a firm offer to Murray & Roberts to acquire all the issued and to be issued ordinary shares of the company it...