How to unlock the potential of data to drive industrial organizations

Staying ahead of the curve requires a new understanding of the scope and scale of industrial information to leverage that data effectively.

Op-ed: Harnessing technology in a pandemic to help grow economies

An obvious strategic step for Africa's mining companies is to now focus on technological advancements.
Industrie 4.0 4ir

Op-ed: Embracing 4IR needn’t be a conflict with unions

“A safe and healthy modern mining sector is one that is competitive, attractive for investment, but that is also technologically innovative.”

Connectivity: The foundation of digital transformation

As the mining sector moves towards a more digitised and automated future, connectivity is becoming increasingly important.

Leading technology solutions – a new generation of mechanisation

Machine Intelligence (MI) offers reliable and tested technology to assist users in improving safety and productivity.

Putting technology to work

Digital technology enhances planning and monitoring, making for safer and more efficient operations.

AECI Mining Explosives: Harnessing a high-tech revolution

“Our latest electronics offering gives the customer the ability to locate detonators very accurately by means of GPS positioning."

Effective risk management: make the information work for you

Companies are being targeted by consultancies offering smart mines, digital mines, AI enabled mines, all operating at or on ‘The Edge’.

Digital transformation: No short term solutions

Companies need to take a long-term approach when implementing new technologies.


Accenture's integrates best-of-breed technology with components of XR, including augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality.

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