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Getting the right tools for mining to go digital

"The astute application of digital tools is the key to continuously improving efficiencies on underground mines." - Niel McCoy
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The rise of robotics in mining

Mining has entered a robotics boom as developers take substantial strides in AI, use of drones, data capture and analysis technology.
Mining Digital Wits

The digital sensor age is here

"Global mega trends increase the need for sensing. We see OEMs, wholesalers, and installers adapting to it and facing fundamental choices."

Grinding meets a digital relevant era

In a modern digital world, customers are continuously looking at ways to improve productivity through digital platforms.

A new digital revolution has begun

“Adoption and incorporation of technologies has quickly become the secondary consideration in this new world we find ourselves in."

The role of universities in implementing digital solutions

"There is a lack of digital density across the value chain, which limits our ability to adopt technology without additional R&D."

Partnership advances automated data management and analytics

The IIoT solution gives mining companies access to real-time information and analytics for continuous and complete surveillance

Where is the reference point for modernisation in the mining industry?

Where does the mining industry stand at present in terms of technology adoption and how this is predicted to increase in the coming years?
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Artificial Intelligence in mining – are we there yet?

While AI is a much touted technology in mining, it would seem that the sector is yet to fully embrace this advance technology.

Wireless networks key enablers for mining’s transformation

Nokia supports more than 40 mine sites that are accelerating their digital transformation by deploying industrial-grade networks.