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Is now the time to invest in South African gold mining?

"One would think that the high gold price would encourage more investment into South African gold mines, however market price is only one consideration."
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Challenges for an industry that plans 20 years ahead

The new world has begun, or has it? Whilst we are in this period of uncertainty everyone is speculating what will become of the world as we knew it.
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7 top tips for junior miners

For most of the past decade junior miners have collectively been starved for capital resulting in decreased exploration and economic discoveries.

South Africa needs technology initiatives for Industrie 4.0

South Africa’s mining policy has undergone a revolution but the country now needs to get on board the fast moving train that is Industrie 4.0.
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South Africa must take some bold steps in mining policy

Neighbours of South Africa have thrown aside resource nationalism - why has the South African government not able to accept the good-practice lessons?
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Draft Mining Charter: potential controversial targets for BEE ownership

“Following the recently launched draft Mining Charter, a stability clause has also been proposed and this is exactly what our country needs right now, to allay investor fears and encourage much-needed investment in a struggling sector,” says Bert Lopes, Natural Resources Head at audit firm, BDO.

BDO’S Energy 2020 vision – The near future of mining

By accounting and advisory firm BDO national head of advisory and managing partner Bert Lopes. Mining is in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, and further digitisation is on the...
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Energy 2020 vision: the near future of mining

Driverless technology, deep-sea excavations and mining expeditions on the moon were once just the ideas of sci-fi movies. Today, they’re realities or just around the corner. By 2020, we expect most of them to...