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Supplier consolidates Tier 2 electrical products under one brand

“Our ambition is to clearly align the brands of our electrical products, compared to our power and transmission products."
equipment DRA

Lubrication misunderstood yet essential

Lubrication is one of the most important consumables as it is essential to ensure mining equipment remains safe and fully operational.
Tancoal coal

TECH NEWS: Gear reducer proves effective for coal mine’s performance

The shaft-mounted TAII gear reducer mounts directly onto the driven shaft and is ideal for tough applications where a long operating life is essential.
Bearings International

TECH NEWS: Point-of-sale convenience for customers

“The main benefit for our customers is point-of-sale convenience. We can now offer them the full basket of products the require." - Victor Strobel

Bearings International targets growth through the mining sector

Bearings International has its sights on expanding its mining presence

ABB Dodge MTA gearbox improves efficiency at mine

Bearings International has shown its commitment as a transmission solutions supplier, after recommending the new ABB Dodge motorised torque-arm (MTA) reducer as a more effective...

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