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Caledonia Mining Corporation

Blanket shows more signs of promise

Blanket's mineral resources have grown by approximately 86% since 2011.
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Caledonia Mining to be added to the GDXJ Index

“I am delighted with our imminent inclusion in the GDXJ Index. The listing of our shares on the NYSE has increased our liquidity."
Caledonia Mining Blanket mine

Caledonia achieves record gold production from Blanket in Zimbabwe

Gold producers Caledonia Mining Corporation produced a record 57 899 oz of gold from the Blanket Mine in Zimbabwe during 2020 – the top end of the company’s revised increased guidance.
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Brownfield expansion at Blanket mine to boost production

Upon completion of the project, gold production at Blanket mine is expected to progressively increase to 80 000 ozpa of gold by 2022.
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Caledonia’s $60 million shaft project completed

Caledonia Mining has announced that the phase of fully equipping the Central Shaft from its base to the surface collar is now complete.

CEO one on one: Steve Curtis, Caledonia Mining

The company is in the final stages of its Central Shaft project which will extend the life of the historic asset even further.
Caledonia Mining Corporation

Caledonia Mining Corporation raises $13m for Zimbabwe solar project

Caledonia Mining Corporation has secured US$13 million for the construction of a solar power plant to supply electricity to its Blanket gold mine in Zimbabwe.
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Caledonia sells shares to fund proposed solar plant at Blanket mine

Gold producer Caledonia Mining, the 49%-owner of the Blanket gold mine in Zimbabwe, has entered into a sales agreement which will allow the company to raise proceeds to fund the construction of a solar power plant to supply electricity to the mine.
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Caledonia production increases 19% in Q1,19/20 comparison

"I expect the quarterly production profile to be more evenly balanced throughout 2020 because of the increased focus on development."
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Caledonia prudent with cash allocation amid global uncertainty

Caledonia Mining Corporation has decided to defer its second quarterly dividend of 2020 due to the uncertain global business environment.