Minexx blockchain

Minexx transparently exports DRC minerals with blockchain certified payments

In a world first, Minexx has exported minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo with full financial traceability, transparency and trust, by processing US$250 000 of digital, blockchain certified payments.
Minespider blockchain

How mining supply chains can benefit from blockchain

Blockchain is being used in the mining sector to provide assurance, transparency and traceability within the raw materials supply chain.

Minespider partners with LuNa Smelter to pilot blockchain tool in Rwanda

Minespider and LuNa Smelter, a responsible tin producer in Rwanda, have partnered to implement Minespider’s OreSource blockchain tool.

Mining Elites 2020 recap: Going Above and Beyond runner-up

Benedikt Sabotka remains firmly committed to socio-economic upliftment in that country and the African continent in general.
blockchain Minespider

Minespider to develop a responsible minerals compliance tool

Minespider, a blockchain protocol for responsible mineral tracking, has been awarded a grant of over €180 000 from the EIT Raw Materials Booster Programme.
blockchain Minespider

First iron ore transaction on blockchain platform completed

Current pandemic events and fraud cases in the commodity trading industry are causing a step-change in the adoption of digital solutions.
blockchain Minespider

Mining companies must adapt to evolving policies to access data vital

"The use of satellite-based data for mining is already a sector experiencing huge investment and funding across private and nationalised space programs."
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Do you have your technology ticket for Industry 4.0 ?

With each mine site being unique, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This means hybrid technology is often required to connect various locations.

Kagem pioneers technology to trace gemstones

Kagem Mining, which operates the world’s largest producing emerald mine is introducing blockchain nano-technology that to trace gemstones.
blockchain Minespider

Digital cobalt supply chain ready for 2020

A digital supply chain for cobalt has moved beyond pilot phase and is progressing toward live production computing environments starting in spring 2020.

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