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Three large diamonds recovered by BlueRock sell for $1.1 million

"In addition the commissioning of the transformational new plant is proceeding to plan." - Mike Houston, Executive Chairman

BlueRock recovers 58.6 carat diamond at Kareevlei

“I am delighted to inform shareholders that we have recovered a 58.6 carat stone a week after the recovery of a 21.6 carat stone."
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BlueRock Diamonds recovers 21.56 carat stone at Kareevlei

“We have recovered a 21.56 carat stone of exceptional quality and what we believe will be the highest value stone recovered to date."
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BlueRock Diamonds’ Q2,2021 results confirm market resilience

“The market has remained firm through Q2 with a strong buyer presence at the local tenders and a robust demand for the Kareevlei product."

Kareevlei diamond mine: Process optimisation = optimal production

A key focus of the expansion plan is achieving the correct economies of scale on both the mining and processing sides of the operations.
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Three large gem quality diamonds recovered at Kareevlei

BlueRock Diamonds has announced the recovery of three gem quality stones of 10.6 carats, 9.8 carats and 8.4 carats.
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Strong results from a challenging year for BlueRock Diamonds

“Our guidance for 2021 remains at 850,000 to 1,000,000 tonnes and 34,000 to 46,000 carats." - BlueRock Executive Chairman, Mike Houston.
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BlueRock recovers stone at Kareevlei

BlueRock Diamonds has recovered a 12.6 carat diamond from its Kareevlei Diamond Mine in the Kimberley region of South Africa.
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BlueRock Diamonds scores a triple win for Q3,2020

“I am pleased to report a record quarter for three of our main KPIs: production, carats produced and grade." - Mike Houston
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BlueRock Diamonds sells 3,805 carat parcel

BlueRock has announced the sale of 3,805 carats at an average price of US$330 per carat for an aggregate consideration of US$1,255,000.