BME: digital age demands high-tech teamwork

Mines are improving their collection, storage and analysis of blast-related data, to feed a continuous improvement loop.

Collaboration builds skills in mining communities

This training includes a range of vocational skills such as welding, plumbing and general property maintenance.

Greener blasts from processed used oil

BME has been incorporating used oil in its world-class emulsion explosives, making blasting greener and reducing environmental risk.
Blasting risk

Chemicals group secures ‘world first’ for purer metals extraction

Omnia is celebrating record-breaking achievements across Protea Mining Chemicals and BME, which together form the Group’s mining division.
coal bme

Record for largest electronic detonator blast broken

The South African record for the largest electronic detonator blast has been broken by a single blast in the Northern Cape.

Securing mining supply chains under COVID-19 lockdown

COVID-19 restrictions around southern Africa have put the spotlight on supply security, for inputs like explosives and specialised blasting services.

BME: Blast planning new heights with BLASTMAP

“As an enabling tool for our AXXIS electronic initiation system, BLASTMAP now has a powerful burden relief feature." - D. Scott Scovira from BME
BME AXXIS™ system

Redefined business strategy sets BME on strong trajectory

BME’s five-year reorganisation, restructuring and recapitalisation strategy has focused on creating a diverse, fit-for-purpose and scalable company.
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BME’s global growth boosted with coal contract in Alaska

Blasting specialist BME USA has been awarded a contract by Usibelli Coal Mine in Alaska to supply explosive products and accessories.

How R&D is shaping the mining sector

Industry experts discuss their current research and development programmes and how new technology will drive their businesses in the future.

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