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The complexities of the global cobalt market

In a recent Q&A hosted by BMI Research regarding cobalt the issue of lowering batteries costs will be key to expanding their role as a power source.
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Positive refined copper outlook ahead for Zambia

Zambia will remain a regional leader and an important global player in refined copper production over the coming years says BMI Research.
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Industry trend analysis – mining investment gets smart

BMI Research recently hosted a webinar on the global mining investment outlook, 'This Time's Different: Mining Investment Gets Smart'.

New challenges ahead for miners while existing priorities remain

After two years of improving financial performance, reduced debts and cost-cutting, the next phase in the mining landscape will involve the incorporation of advanced technology. This will further enhance efficiency, the increase of environmental sustainability...
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Global overview – Zinc deficit to persist until 2022

The global refined zinc market will remain in deficit over the coming years, supported by modest demand growth and continued ore undersupply.
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Copper: solid project pipeline to drive global growth

Global copper mine production will experience steady growth over the next few years, supported by markets with low operating costs and improving copper prices.

Illegal mining in Ghana will create risk to social stability

The coming end of a ban on small-scale mining in Ghana will increase the difficulties involved in countering illegal mining, likely seeing the practice remain widespread. This the view of BMI Research – a...

Miners should improve environmental reputation in battery metal market

As the consumer-conscious tech industry becomes increasingly valuable customers for major mining and metals producers, there will be a big push for firms to improve environmental standards and supply-chain transparency over the coming decade.
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Zambia: positive outlook despite increasing downside risks

Our outlook for Zambia's mining sector in 2018 remains positive as copper prices continue to rise and the country's electricity supplies improve.

Battery cathodes boost metals as electric vehicle market expands

The growing electric vehicle market will spur global demand for metals due to their use in a wide range of chemistry combinations within the cathodes of lithium ion batteries. BMI Research is a unit of the Fitch...