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Ensuring a successful diamond core drilling programme

Laws, regulations, permits, licensing, and requirements can be different based on the country, province, city, and land ownership.
underground drilling

Next generation coring rig improves underground drilling

Boart Longyear’s MDR700 underground coring mobile drill rig is a next generation rig that can help you drill better underground.

Taking care of percussive drill bits maximises drilling efficiency

To help optimise operational efficiency and protect investments, drill companies need to work with quality products to get the job done right.

Boart Longyear launches MDR700 underground coring drill rig

Boart Longyear has launched its new MDR700, the next generation underground coring rig with advanced mobility. The MDR700 is a powerful rig that utilises proven Boart Longyear underground exploration technology like the LM700 feed frame...

Boart Longyear introduces new versatile compact sonic rig

Boart Longyear, a provider of integrated drilling services and drilling products, has introduced the LS250 MiniSonic, a compact rig suitable for the mining sector. Capable of drilling to depths of up to 78 m when used with...

Boart Longyear team marks two years LTI-free in Australia

A “safety first” approach has made it two safe years and counting for Boart Longyear’s team at Northparkes Mines in New South Wales, Australia. The crew has not had a lost-time injury (LTI) since its...