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Downsizing Boikarabelo on the table for ResGen

ResGenwill need to consider developing a smaller-scale operation than originally envisioned for its Waterberg-based Boikarabelo operation.

Resource Generation coal project Boikarabelo secures construction funding

The Resource Generation coal project Boikarabelo, which represents one of South Africa’s largest remaining coal deposits in the Waterberg coal fields, can now proceed with construction owing to a resolution regarding a lack of...

Resource Generation considers contract mining to cut mine development costs

ASX-listed coal mining developer Resource Generation will investigate if the contract mining model can reduce overall costs and capital requirements to complete building its Boikarabelo mine in the Waterberg coalfields. Resource Generation have been negotiating with...

Resource Generation funding for Boikarabelo construction still shaky

Resource Generation, the ASX/JSE listed coal company, is unable to shake market concern regarding the development of its Waterberg-based coal project Boikarabelo. Having received numerous enquiries about the status of its funding, the company reveals it...

Resgen continues to negotiate finance for the development of Boikarabelo

JSE- and ASX-listed Resource Generation (Resgen), who is developing the Boikarabelo coal mine in the Waterberg region of South Africa, said in a statement on Thursday that it has been negotiating with various parties and financiers...