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Booyco Electronics, South African pioneer of Proximity Detection Systems, offers safety solutions for underground and surface mining, quarrying, construction, forestry and materials...

Proximity Detection Systems: Your time is up!

Booyco Electronics's CEO Anton Lourens discusses the importance for miners to invest in PDS - to a Level 9 standard, required by legislation.

19 Mechanised mining machines equipped with PDS

“Our equipment will help achieve the highest level of safety by mitigating the risk of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles."

Benchmark in collision avoidance with CXS

“This system takes the vital step from being just a warning system to becoming a collision avoidance system.” - Anton Lourens
Booyco Electronics

Booyco Electronics: continues technology drive despite COVID-19

Lockdown has given Booyco Electronics' engineering team welcome breathing space for its technology development.
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Data tracking shows mines where to improve

"Booyco Electronics offers mines an opportunity to be safer and more productive." - Anton Lourens, CEO of proximity detection solutions.
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Quick installation brings mine up to speed with PDS regulations

Booyco Electronics has equipped another South African platinum mine with its latest Level-9 Ready proximity detection safety system.
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Booyco boosts in-house engineering team

Booyco Electronics is investing heavily in its expertise by actively growing its engineering department in the coming months.
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Booyco Electronics’ field service geared up for collaboration

Booyco Electronics’ partnership approach to its field service offering ensures that mines can manage the growing complexity of proximity detection systems.
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Zero-harm drive: People at center of effective PDS

While technology is an indispensable safety tool, the task of achieving Zero Harm is really about people says Booyco Electronics.

Webinar recording: Proximity detection systems deadline edges closer

Mining Review Africa hosted a Webinar which unpacked the regulatory requirements and outlined the measures to be put in place for effective collision avoidance.

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