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Booyco Electronics, South African pioneer of Proximity Detection Systems, offers safety solutions for underground and surface mining, quarrying, construction, forestry and materials handling. Underpinned by years of experience, substantial support infrastructure and its continued...

Collaboration between Booyco & Ramjack optimises technology value

Technological specialisation demands expertise, skill sets and hardware that extend beyond what single multinational companies can provide.

Deep Insights 33: PDS: Making mining safer for all

Anton Lourens, CEO of Booyco Electronics discusses the correct way to implement PDS, its benefits and its contribution to Zero Harm.

Booyco CXS PDS spreads wings into South America

Booyco Electronics has further extended its global reach with a recent contract to a surface gold mine in Chile.

Global expansion as interest in Booyco PDS grows

Having recently made export development a strategic imperative, Booyco is seeing enthusiastic uptake of its home-grown technologies.

Proximity detection systems: It’s now about Zero Harm

“We have identified technologies that identify people both on surface or underground making use of magnetic fields."

Assess risk and plan ahead before deciding on PDS

As mines improve their safety a risk assessment that will guide the correct selection of technology and PDS is required.

Booyco expands its coal footprint as Level 9 looms

“We are working closely with many OEMs and mining customers on aligning and testing our respective equipment for Level 9 compliance."

Booyco ready for global leap in mining vehicle safety

“Level 9 – currently the highest level of safety – takes it a step further by introducing an intervention engineering control measure."

Proximity Detection Systems: Your time is up!

Booyco Electronics's CEO Anton Lourens discusses the importance for miners to invest in PDS - to a Level 9 standard, required by legislation.

19 Mechanised mining machines equipped with PDS

“Our equipment will help achieve the highest level of safety by mitigating the risk of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles."