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Booyco Electronics, South African pioneer of Proximity Detection Systems, offers safety solutions for underground and surface mining, quarrying, construction, forestry and materials...
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Data tracking shows mines where to improve

"Booyco Electronics offers mines an opportunity to be safer and more productive." - Anton Lourens, CEO of proximity detection solutions.
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Quick installation brings mine up to speed with PDS regulations

Booyco Electronics has equipped another South African platinum mine with its latest Level-9 Ready proximity detection safety system.
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Booyco boosts in-house engineering team

Booyco Electronics is investing heavily in its expertise by actively growing its engineering department in the coming months.
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Booyco Electronics’ field service geared up for collaboration

Booyco Electronics’ partnership approach to its field service offering ensures that mines can manage the growing complexity of proximity detection systems.
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Zero-harm drive: People at center of effective PDS

While technology is an indispensable safety tool, the task of achieving Zero Harm is really about people says Booyco Electronics.

Webinar recording: Proximity detection systems deadline edges closer

Mining Review Africa hosted a Webinar which unpacked the regulatory requirements and outlined the measures to be put in place for effective collision avoidance.

Booyco Electronics makes sensing easier with ESI Smart Sensor, Sentient

Accurate measurement of gases has been made simple with the South African manufactured ESI Smart Sensor by Booyco Electronics. Developing fit-for-purpose products that use sensors...

Booyco Electronics single device IS barriers offer greater flexibility in hazardous...

Booyco Electronics IS barriers offer the advantage of being single-device units with each serving as an isolation barrier on a communication bus between a...

Pedestrian detection system technology gaining momentum

South Africa - Booyco Electronics, which has been at the forefront of Pedestrian Detection Systems (PDS) in the South African mining industry since 2006,...

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