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MRA EXCLUSIVE at Mining Indaba: How is the IRP affecting the...

Andrew Lane, Deloitte Africa Energy & Resources Leader, highlights the challenges of clean coal and how the increase of carbon tax will...
TOMRA technology

Profitable green mining with advanced sorting technology

TOMRA’s sorting technology for miners has dual benefits: energy efficiency and the ability to recover ore even from sub-economic deposits or dumps.
carbon tax

It’s no longer business as usual with new Carbon Tax Act

The Carbon Tax Act places a liability on carbon-intensive industries producing greenhouse gas pollutants above a certain threshold.
carbon tax

Carbon tax will be a huge expense for mining sector

A Minerals Council South Africa survey confirms the significant costs that will be incurred as a result of the introduction of carbon tax.
Afrisam carbon tax

Cement producer provides carbon tax transparency for customers

With South Africa’s carbon tax in force AfriSam is providing customers with transparent pricing and the ability to make greener choices.

Carbon tax laws effective from 1 June 2019 – be warned

South African businesses have a matter of days before they face the reality of the implementation of the carbon tax takes effect on 1 June 2019.
carbon tax

Carbon tax poses a further setback for metal industry

Trade union Solidarity has expressed its concern about the controversial carbon tax bill. The South African government intends to introduce this tax in 2019. Marius...

Room for improvement in SA Carbon Tax Bill, says Centre for...

At the start of December, the Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) submitted comments on the Carbon Tax Bill, 2015, which was published for public...

SA Chamber of Mines president questions mining’s investment attraction

SA Chamber of Mines president, Mike Teke questioned mining's investment attraction during his recent presidential review - noting a number of areas which need...

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