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Russia’s charm offensive in Africa

Over 90% of Russia’s investments on the continent since 2003 have been in the metals, coal, oil and gas sectors.

Kimberley Process meeting ends in chaos

While the KP CSC doesn't not have high expectations of the blocked process for years, the meetings proved to be a particularly sad spectacle.

TECH NEWS: Aramine and Epiroc announce strategic partnership

Aramine and Epiroc have announced a partnership for the distribution of equipment dedicated to underground mines and tunnels in several African countries.

Central African Republic launches reform of its diamond mining sector

The government of the Central African Republic has launched a full overhaul of the country’s alluvial diamond mining sector.

People’s well-being improved in mining-dependent countries

The ICMM has released a new report that finds that the lives of people in countries whose economies are dependent on mining have, on average, improved faster than those of people in other countries over the past 20 years.

Liberia Ebola epidemic recedes leaving economic scars

Finance ministers from three fragile states in sub-Saharan Africa say their economies are struggling to get back on track as a result of political crises, a slow global economy and Ebola. The ministers from Liberia,...