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Why South Africa’s new coal-fired power station IPPs will never be...

One of the key objectives of the Life After Coal Campaign is to discourage the development of any new coal-fired power stations.
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Eskom’s latest bid to continue pollution contested

Environmental justice organisations strongly contest Eskom’s further round of multiple applications to postpone compliance with air pollution standards.

Life After Coal, Greenpeace Africa slam inclusion of coal in electricity...

The inclusion of new coal in the updated draft IRP for electricity will cost South Africa close to R20 billion more than it needs to spend.
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Water costs, impacts of coal-fired power grossly underestimated

Mining coal and burning it in power stations uses large amounts of water, and pollutes even more of the precious resource.
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Local community to witness devastation from coal mining

The coalition of eight community and civil society organisations challenging the authorisation of the proposed coal mine inside the Mabola Protected Environment has invited a delegation from the community to witness firsthand the reality of coal mining on the Mpumalanga Highveld.
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Report shows two coal IPPs would cost an additional R20 billion

A report released by the University of Cape Town’s Energy Research Centre shows that government’s planned independent power producer coal plants – Thabametsi and Khanyisa – would cost South Africa an additional R19.68 billion compared to a least-cost energy system.

Room for improvement in SA Carbon Tax Bill, says Centre for...

At the start of December, the Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) submitted comments on the Carbon Tax Bill, 2015, which was published for public...

Centre for Environmental Rights institutes legal action on coal mining right

A coalition of civil society and community organisations, represented by non-profit environmental rights law clinic Centre for Environmental Rights (CER), has instituted legal action...

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