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vedanta copper

Copper to drive global EV market growth, recording 7.4% by 2030

Electromobility reveals copper will play instrumental role in charging infrastructure, storage, and production of electric vehicles (EVs).

TECH NEWS: Why mines should consider natural gas an energy source

As the mining sector continuously strives to meet its growing energy demand and at the same time limit CO2 emissions with cleaner-burning alternative energy sources, why is it that only 4% of South Africa’s total energy is sourced from natural gas?
renewable energy

The future of renewable energy in Africa is bright

With more than 640 million people in Africa with no access to energy and investors looking for cheaper and reliable sources of power, there is no doubt that renewable energy is the future for Africa.
Suricate Minerals

Suricate Minerals to fast track delivery for clean energy boom

Suricate Minerals is fast-tracking its development of high-quality quartz deposits in Mauritania to meet the demand an increased demand for relatively rare raw materials such...

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