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The science of addressing climate change risks in mining

Water management is becoming more complex as rainfall patterns in many areas start to change in frequency and intensity.
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China aims to be carbon-neutral by 2060

“China emits over 10 billion tons of carbon and will need to make efforts to reach net-zero without affecting it economic development."
GCS sustainable esg

Ensuring sustainable mining operations, communities and developments

Sustainable ESG factors play an important role in the allocation of capital and investment decisions of socially responsible companies.
Climate Change

Using climate change narratives to engage stakeholders

Too often mining companies frame their “climate narrative” around compliance. Instead they should aspire to be more inspiring.
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JPMorgan Chase forced to cooperate with GHG emission information

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has held that JPMorgan Chase must include a climate-related shareholder proposal on its proxy this year.
Climate Change

Climate-proofing mining operations in a era of climate change

By nature, mining activities are resource intensive, and by coincidence they are often located in geographies particularly vulnerable to climate change.

Developing a climate-conscious, scenario-based business strategy

Frequently, mining companies focus on 'climate-improving’ their portfolios by, for example, reducing exposure to coal and increasing exposure to lithium.

MRA EXCLUSIVE at Mining Indaba: Climate change in the mining industry

Lucas Chaumontet speaks about how mining companies can future-proof their operations to better mitigate the effects of climate change.
Climate Change

Mining climate change for a competitive advantage

When it comes to climate change, we’ve clearly entered a new era. In the previous era, climate skeptics in business took a wait-and-see approach.

World Gold Council provides clarity on the emission profile of gold

Building on the initial research of 2018, the new report offers a more comprehensive overview of the current status of gold on the climate.

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