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What will Joe Biden’s presidency mean for Africa?

It is hoped the tone between the US and Africa will improve under a President that does not consider Africa a continent of ***hole countries.

Key themes for Africa in 2021

Africa is facing its first recession in 25 years. Sustained vaccine momentum will be critical for economic recovery in 2021.
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Etching our names in history

It’s been a long and tiresome journey to some sort of normality ever since South Africa reported its first COVID-19 case on 5 March.

HIV cannot take a back seat during COVID-19 pandemic

There is currently no evidence that people living with HIV are at a higher risk of being infected with coronavirus.
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Have your say about mining in the ‘new normal’

Did you know that Africa received less than one third of the global $3 billion exploration investment in 2019?
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How to adapt to ensure safety and sustainability after COVID-19

“Our current scenario modelling estimates that 15% to 25% of South Africa's 2020 output has been lost due to lockdown."
ABSA Sustainability

Finance in the new normal: sustainability is key

Companies who have been able to weather the COVID-19 storm are in a better position to secure bank financing for their operations.
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COVID-19 accelerates energy transition for coal mining

Energy emissions will rise again with economic recovery, but will never again reach 2019 levels." - New Energy Outlook 2020.
Tito Mboweni

Tough MTBPS clear on depth of South Africa’s economic crisis

The MTBPS is a step in the right direction, but the further structural and institutional reforms are now vital and urgent.
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Collaboration and co-operation for a safe mining industry

COVID-19 has had a wide-reaching impact on all industries across the globe, and the South African mining sector is no exception.