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Counting the cost of the pandemic in South Africa

The Minerals Council South Africa reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on its efforts to fight other diseases.

Adapting to change: MCSA members lead the way

In its fight against COVID-19, mining companies in South Africa have contributed significantly towards bolstering medical infrastructure.
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Solidarity says State’s recovery plan is a pipe dream

“The ANC government is the driver who made us all drive off the cliff and now it insists on driving the ambulance as well." - Connie Mulder
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Reprioritising TB, HIV and NCDs in the era of COVID-19

An online seminar aimed at giving impetus to ensuring that the battles against HIV, TB and NCDs are not distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minerals Council reprioritises occupational health in the era of COVID-19

Dr Thuthula Balfour unpacks the Minerals Council South Africa’s strategy of reprioritising its health programme in the era of COVID-19.
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Recognise Nigeria’s progress says investor roundtable

Nigeria's Ministry of Mines and Steel Development has committed to its roadmap and met milestones to improve the ease of doing business in the country.
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Navigating the impact of COVID-19

Market capitalisation for the biggest 2,000 companies worldwide has declined by 24% since the beginning of the outbreak.
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Scaled mining recommences operations at Mothae

Mothae has resumed mining and treatment operations in compliance with health measures to ensure the safety of employees and contractors.
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A call to reprioritize pre-existing occupational health threats

"We must not lose sight of pre-existing health threats including occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis, TB, HIV and NCDs."
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Afrimat steps in to save Nkomati anthracite mine

“We still believe in the value that Nkomati can add to the diversity of the bulk commodity portfolio within Afrimat." - Andries van Heerden