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Why South Africa’s new coal-fired power station IPPs will never be built

One of the key objectives of the Life After Coal Campaign is to discourage the development of any new coal-fired power stations.

Life After Coal, Greenpeace Africa slam inclusion of coal in electricity plan

The inclusion of new coal in the updated draft IRP for electricity will cost South Africa close to R20 billion more than it needs to spend.

Sustainable energy mix for Africa is essential

In Africa, access to affordable power remains a major issue for the economic well-being of the continent. The question of how this power will be supplied is one all countries are grappling with.
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Irrational IRP can expect legal challenges

The Life After Coal Campaign and Greenpeace Africa say that the Department of Energy will face a legal challenge from them if the IRP for electricity ignores constitutional obligations.
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South African Minister of Energy announces REIPPPP projects

The South African Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe's address at the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme Bid Windows 3.5 and 4 Contractual Close. It is with great pleasure that I announce the signing of...

Russia and South Africa strengthen nuclear energy joint efforts

Russia and South Africa have strengthened their joint efforts in the promotion, education, development and information sharing practices for nuclear energy in South Africa. At the 7th BRICS summit, the Russian Federation national nuclear corporation...