Technology key to the future of South Africa

Spiralling labour and energy costs are putting pressure on the performance of gold mines in South Africa, but digital technologies can change this.

Exxaro unlocks new revenue streams

Accenture has collaborated with Exxaro to help transform its business and unlock new revenue streams by managing the migration of its SAP solution.
Industry 4.0

4IR: The future of mining is now

Whether it’s in the halls of mining exhibitions or at seminars about the future of mining, all the talk is about the imminent Fourth Industrial Resolution.

Mining recruitment app wins prestigious award

Digger, a mobile app for mining recruitment has won a prestigious award
Industry 4.0

Kimura Capital joins MineHub Consortium

MineHub, the technology platform digitalising the mining and metals supply chains, has announced Kimura Capital is joining its consortium of participants.

Working groups on cyber-security and the electric mine launched

The GMG has launched two new working groups on cybersecurity and the electric mine to create safe and sustainable mines of the future.

Africa needs a digitalization strategy to compete in global economy

Digitalization is providing the continent with the opportunity to accelerate growth and rapidly expand struggling economies.

What lurks inside: cyber threats cannot be ignored

As the mining industry moves towards IoT and automation to boost productivity and efficiency, it has inadvertently opened itself up to cyber attacks.

Security technology for digital revolution era

While offering opportunities to boost productivity the mining industry's move towards technology is helping them gain competitive advantage.
industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is electrifying the mining industry

The title of “the most important resource” has been held by many different materials over time. And now there is another contender – Industry 4.0.

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